Dance is a conversation between Body & Soul


Bharatanatyam Dance

Bharatanatyam is a major form of Indian classical dance with a history that goes back more than two thousand years. It is known for its grace, purity, tenderness and sculpturesque poses. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles.


About the teachers


Our teachers are professional classical dancers and have performed in various stages in Michigan. With more than fifteen years of classical dancing experience, they are here to promote the dance form to the younger kids and make them the best.



Every class will begin with some warm-up exercises, then continue with prayer, namaskaram. Students will learn several fundamental footsteps (adavus), eye, neck movements, and hand gestures (hasta mudras). After they are strong in the basics, they will continue to learn the various steps to perform for a song like Alarippu, Pushpanjali, Kauthuvam and on Bollywood songs semi-classical dance performances




Starts from September 2019. Students get annually 1 to 2 chances to perform. Showcase performance required rental costumes. Parent has to pay rent separately for costumes and tickets if needed.


Group Size


Class size will be 6-10 students max. 

Kids ages starting from 5 yr to teens with a group of 6- 10 max. If the child withdraws at any point of time, the paid fees would not be returned / transferable.


Attire :

Comfortable close, gym attire is appreciated, NO tight jeans or low riders and mini skirts allowed.



Fee & Timing

Registration :$0

Monthly  fee: $70


Weekly once class

Location: 24381, Nepavine Dr. Novi -4 8374

Sunday 2-3pm [ 5-8 years ]

Sunday 3-4 pm [ 9-12 years ]



NO makeup sessions 

 If we cancel a class due to weather/emergency, will conduct a makeup session on weekday evenings [suitable to the group ]. 


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