The Ramayana is the pole-star of Indian culture.


Virtual Indian Mythological Story @ZOOM

Age - 5 years -12 years 

Weekly 2 classes of 30 min each 

Fee $65

Weekly 1 class of 30 min class

Fee $50

Sibling will get 10% off 

If enrolled in other classes 10% off

No make up sessions but will provide recording of every class.



No discount applicable on weekly once classes.



Our Program

In Ramayan Class, every week students will learn one Ramayana story. The story will be narrated in both Hindi and English. By the end of the year students will have learnt the entire Ramayana epic.

Our instruction includes studying from Ramayana books (available in both Hindi and English). Students will learn 3 Ramayana chants ("Mankas") every week. Students are required to memorize these chants by heart. Students will be given chance to perform on stage as Ramayana characters twice a year. Performance dates TBD.Students will be quizzed (orally) on the Ramayana twice a year.



We teach other mythological stories too like Lord Ganesh , Bal Hanuman , Bal Krishna , Mahabharatha etc. and for little kids all Panchtantra stories , Tenali Raman , Akbar Birbal short stories .

Study material available in school to purchase.


Our Rules

Only kids ages 5-13 may enroll for Ramayana classes. Students are expected to wear the KID INDIA uniform to all classes. The uniform code is as follows: Spring/Summer: White T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Autumn/Winter: White Polo Shirt & Blue Jeans Note: KID INDIA will NOT provide uniforms. Note : Ramayana classes are option [A] for HINDI SCHOOL students. But ONLY RAMAYANA classes are also available for kids 5-13.




Our Dates/ Timmings

Ramayana classes are every Saturday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM

Students who have enrolled only for Ramayan class must be dropped off by 11:50 AM and picked up by 1:00 PM.

Note: There are no classes on long weekends. KID INDIA reserves the right to cancel classes due to inclement weather.


Fees are applicable to students that are enrolled ONLY in Ramayana classes.

There are no fees to students enrolled in Hindi classes.

Annual Registration Fee: $20

Monthly Fees: $50

Payments are due every first Saturday of the month.

Late payments are subject to a penalty fee of $5 for every late week.

Study material available in school to purchase.


Country: USA

City: Michigan

Address: 25301 Halsted Rd

Farmington MI  48335

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