Language keeps you in touch with your culture.


Age - 5 years and above
Beginners to advance level. 

Reading & Everyday HINDI speaking practice 


Weekly 2 classes of 1 hr each fee $100 monthly 

Sibling  will be get  25% off if in same group 

Sibling will get 20 % off in separate group 

If enrolled additional classes of Kid India get 10% off


Weekly 1 class fee $60 monthly 

No Sibling Discount

No make up sessions but will provide recording of every class. Home work sheets & reading material will be provided.



No discount applicable on weekly once classes.



Hindi Reading & writing program with vocabulary enhancement session & practice Hindi speech.

We will prepare them to talk in Hindi socially.

Teacher student ratio will be 1:6

Class will consist of students learning Hindi in a traditional classroom setting.

Our instruction includes studying from Hindi books and materials complete curriculum prescribed by C.B.S.E. KID INDIA will provide the study material without any additional cost.

Students will be divided into classes according to their age and/or Hindi background.

The classes are as follows:
Level I: Ages 3-5/ No Hindi background required
Level II: Ages 6-8/ No Hindi background required
Level IIIA: Ages 9-11/ No Hindi background required
Level IIIB: Ages 12-13/ No Hindi background required
Advance Hindi classes : For the students from Hindi speaking families

For ex. Advanced Level 1: Ages 3-5/ Hindi speaking background kids

(Students will study Hindi at an age-appropriate curriculum)

Hindi Speaking Classes

* NEW Hindi speaking Classes is open for kids +4 to adult . 
* Parent & child classes is also available .
* We prepare our students to understand Hindi speaking first and gradually they will start speaking and feel comfortable in social Hindi conversation . 
Though, writing is not part of this program. But to read basic Hindi will help to enhance vocabulary. So will teach just letter recognition and prepare our students to read basic Hindi, will part of this program  . This will help them to follow the instructions of HINDI speaking AUDIO / VISUAL material.  
* Parents will get Video recording of complete class after every class . 
* Other study material will be  provided @ no extra cost.  


Students are expected to review what they learn in classes, at home. Parents are NOT allowed inside the classroom at any time. Parents can volunteer time to time and stay in touch.

Hindi Videos

              Summer 2021 
                   हिंदी बोलो 
   HINDI Speaking program 
    @ zoom for 4-12 yrs old 
   Day today Hindi Speaking ONLY 
                  Mon - Fri 
                  11:00 EST 
                  11:00 PST 
 Enrollment $0 
 Fee $35 weekly  
JUNE , JULY , AUG 12 weeks Only Hindi Speaking Program . Kids can pick up weeks
 of their choice & availability.     
Trial available. Hold your spot call: 248-719-1448

Our testing & scores

Students will learn from the KID INDIA standard curriculum.(Prescribed by Indian Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE))

Parents will receive progress reports once every 4 months. Parents will be e-mailed their student’s homework every week. Students have to complete their homework every week. Students will take three proficiency exams per year.

Parent will get home work by mail same day just after the class . Classes will run throughout out the year :

Fall session           :  [Sep - Dec ] Review 2nd week of Dec.
Winter session      :  [Jan - April] Review 3rd week of April
Summer session  :  [May -Aug]  Review 3 rd week of Aug
Syllabus will be provided before the session. Study material also  provided for class-room practice .

Upon one year of classroom study AND passing the exams students will receive certification of completion and move to the next level.


Registration :$0   

* students per group / monthly fee $60.

* First Class FREE trial .

* Long weekend no classes. 

* Fee is due 1st of every month.

* Fee at any point of time NON REFUNDABLE / NON TRANSFERABLE during the session.

* if child joins other classes of KID INDIA will get 10% discount [of lesser value session].

* To discontinue the classes a 30 days notice is required in writing.

* If a you rejoin KID INDIA , has to pay registration fee AGAIN 

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