The Ramayana is the pole-star of Indian culture.

Virtual Indian Mythological Story @ZOOM

Age – 5 Years -12 Years

Weekly 2 classes Of 30 Min each

Fee $65

Weekly 1 class of 30 min

Fee $50

Sibling will get 10% off if in the same class not applicable for other classes .

No make up sessions but will provide recording of every class.


No discount applicable on weekly once classes.

Our Program

In mythological teaching class, every seek students will learn one Ramayana story. The story will be narrated in both Hindi and English. 

We teach other mythological stories too like Lord Ganesh, Bal Hanuman, Bal Krishna, Mahabharatha etc., and for little kids all Panchtantra stories, Tenali Rama, Akbar Birbal short stories.
Study material is available online. Audio & video both.


Study material  available in school to purchase

the payment through zelle transfer to